art department
Solar Indie Junction can cater for any set design your script may require. Our Production Designers are renowned throughout Europe and will provide an exemplary service whilst creating and providing `production value` in every frame of your moving picture.

Our construction managers are ready and able to build your full scale scenery, as specified by the Production Designer. If you don`t yet have a Production Designer, consider contacting us for a quote and we will provide an award winning professional at an unbeatable price, whether your script needs a theatrical, film or television set.


Thinking of shooting a Western and just need the town? We have it. Or perhaps your sript needs a French village or an American urban street. Tell us your story and if we don`t already have what you need, we can build it at a cost that will fit your budget.


From `sci-fi` to `period`, whether it be `contemporary` or `abstract`, we can find or create whatever decorative items or light constructions you need to fill your frame.